A short life

     Managing life can be tough in today’s society. We have the demands to do as our families expect, keep up with our friends, neighbors and co-workers and still function as ourselves.  It’s no wonder so many more people today are on drugs, legal or not, or showing signs of depression or stress.  What does it take to really be happy?  What is happy?  Happy by definition from Oxford Dictionaries  is feeling or showing pleasure or contentment. But I think to get to a deeper definition of what that actually means for ourselves we need to step back and take a look at what makes us have that warm fuzzy inner smile?  So my definition for happy is feeling a warm fuzzy inner smile, a smile that is hard to make go away.

     Although only you can decide what that is for you but here is what it is for me in a nutshell. I lived my life as my family expected and kept up with the promotions and expectations but then one day it hit me, I’m not truly happy! I was in a routine that worked and I wasn’t depressed but I wasn’t happy. I have a wonderful husband, animals, land, nice car and all the norms plus what most would consider a good job. That just didn’t do the trick so I started going back to things I loved to do before I got a busy life.  I slowed down going out and doing the normal.  My friends thought I was depressed and my family thought I was hiding because I was jealous (although I still am not sure what I am supposed to be jealous of!). Too funny, because what they weren’t getting is I was finding happy! So when I decided to start hiking, which is something I use to do in my younger years, they didn’t understand.  I invited several to come with me because being in nature is ultimately what I love and thought I could share that feeling with my stressed out friends but they laughed at me.  Their idea of a good night was drinking at the bars, spending money they don’t really have to spend and griping about what their issues are, which a lot of times came back to being broke or miserable in the job.  When I decided to drop all that and find my own way, I found happiness.  Hiking isn’t the only thing I started doing, I went back to sewing and making crafts.  I did most of this alone because my friends were not interested in being a part of it.  At first I thought that was crazy because I have done tons of stuff for them and with them that I didn’t want to do but now that I look back all those things are what society now expects out of us.  If you think about it what society expects is not happiness.  We don’t have to own the biggest and best house or most expensive car or pay for everyone’s bill when we all go out because that is a sense of falseness that society has told us we should have or do.

     I have embarked on this journey to find my happiness and so what if it defies societies norms because in today’s world of depressed, stressed people we need to fight our way out! On my journey I hope to find new friends and a sense of new happiness.

     As I blog about what my life journey is, I hope you’ll follow me and find your own happiness too. I will take you to subjects such as from scratch cooking, hobbies and life in general.

Bright Blessings



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