Our Souls

Our Souls

I was going to write today more about cooking. I feel the need to spread my knowledge with others about cooking and how it really isn’t this huge monster pain in the booty to do. But instead I am going to take today to share some thoughts on helping your soul.

When we are kids we can’t wait to grow up. I remember playing outside until the street lights came on, riding our bikes all over the neighborhood and then flipping them upside down and running grass through the tire! Oh those were the days! Our souls were pure, happy, and we had few to no stresses in life. We also spent time saying ‘When I grow up…’.  Then as we get older we start school activities, prepare for being an adult, get jobs, get a career and you know the rest. Adulthood brings in a new level of stress to our souls and our bodies.  We worry about bills, jobs, family and whatever else today’s society has brought. When do we get to enjoy life again? How do we cleanse the stresses of our day to day lives?  In essence spill the negative from our soul?

As I was sitting at work today I had a complaint from an employee that she felt another employee wasn’t pulling their weight.  She felt she needed to come talk to me about it but not because she was tattling, not because of the normal reasons you would think.  She said to me she needed to cleanse her soul of the negativity this other employee has caused her so it doesn’t build up inside because when that happens she gets sick.  Now it might be good to note she is not from America, her grasp of the English language is sometimes choppy.  What she said though is something we all need to practice.  Get the negativity out of our souls!

Meditations, yoga, a walk in the woods are just a small sample of ways to de-stress but what about pouring out the negative into writing or in words and then you’re done, you walk away cleansed?!?!  What if we went back to the age old ritual of a journal?  We open the journal pour out our souls into it and then shut it up until another time.  We never go back and read it due to fear of it coming all back into our soul again.  I’m not saying write down every day that for me would make more stress.  I don’t have time for more ‘task’ in my life.  What if we only used the practice for those special days where we feel sick?  When we feel the stress is making us grouchy and that day that we aren’t feeling like our soul is positive.

I leave you with this thought…If peoples souls were less negative to the world then maybe we’d have healthier happier people in this world.  Take the day and step back and release your negativity, privately, then lock it away for good.


Bright Blessings

Ruby DragonLily


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