The Smile Challenge

In today’s world it sends me joy when someone does a good deed. We have so many negative interactions in today’s world, people are in a hurry, stressed out and just plain not thinking.  It bothers me when I smile at someone and they roll their eyes or act like they didn’t even notice.  The simple act of smiling can turn a day around. When I do get that return smile then I smile even bigger! It really warms my heart more when I smile at an elderly person and they perk up and smile back.  I walk around work most days smiling and even when I have a bad day I at least smile when someone approaches because who knows their day might be even worse than the one you are having. I have a theory that if everyone makes an attempt to put a smile on their face no matter how bad of a day they are having then the day will always end better.

At work I gave an employee a thank you for working as hard as she does and putting in the long hours to fill in and she is never grouchy and always has a smile.  You can tell she is getting tired but still she pushes on and never complains.  As a thank you I gave her our equivalent to ‘work bucks’ and she can turn those in for gift cards.  She felt bad I was giving them to her and asked for me to give them to the other employees.  I explained to her that I wanted to thank you for all the extra work she has been doing filling in for the leads that are off.  She took the bucks reluctantly but the next day came back and said she didn’t feel right and she was giving some of it out to other people and she wanted me to pick who.  I told her if she wanted to do that then she needed to pick who to give them to.  She liked that.  Now keep in mind while you are thinking about this, it was equivalent to $200 and she could have gotten that much in gift cards to use anywhere she wanted.  She told me just me smiling and saying Thank you was indeed enough for her.

The point of my story is to remember to be happy it doesn’t take money it takes pushing the negativity out of your soul.

I challenge you this week to smile even if you are having a bad day. Smile at people as you pass them, smile even if you are waiting in that long grocery line, smile and laugh a little when that idiot cuts you off and when someone presents something negative to you smile back at them.  When you smile back at someone presenting something negative to you it brings positive light to a situation and will allow you to fix it easier. Do this for a few days and see how you feel. Also notice the person you are smiling at, see the sparkle in their eye and how they slowly muscle up that smile and know you did that!


Bright Blessings

Ruby DragonLily



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