Getting out and about – It’s the weekend!

In today’s world we are conditioned to follow latest fads and stay connected always. Is this healthy? You decide by changing things up this weekend and maybe for the next few weekends and see if you feel any different. The weekend is here and it is beautiful outside, in most areas anyway, so why not leave the ‘stuff’ behind and reconnect with yourself.

For me this is hiking, walking our dogs and just enjoying the sounds of nature.  How do you turn off that annoying voice in your head that runs through the stresses in your life though?  It is different for everyone and has taken me years to figure out but for me it is by dismissing them.  I have started putting my phone up while I am enjoying me time, I use to listen to music but even that is distracting at times. Anytime my mind starts to wonder I force my thoughts on to the scenery around me.  I walk in the country so that means I am checking out the trees, watching the leaves blow and seeing how many different noises from the birds and frogs I can hear. By keeping your mind busy on this type of stuff gives it a break from your stresses. This will also start conditioning your mind to be able to turn off those stresses when you are in this relaxing environment. Maybe you are a city dweller with no country side available to walk thru, make the best of what you have.  Walk around the blocks and take in the city noises in a way you have never done before.  How many different cars drove by, how many kids on bikes, try to pick out over all the hustle of everyone and see if you can hear any birds.  My point is no matter where you live and what you have available to you there is another dimension around you that you don’t usually notice.  Take time to notice that other dimension because it just might spark some clarity that you need and don’t even realize you need.

I challenge you to get out and about and do something you don’t normally do or haven’t done in a long time.  Enjoy life how you want not how everyone else wants you to!


Bright Blessings,

Ruby DragonLily


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