What’s for dinner?

This is a question that is asked in every home. It’s been a long day and the weekend is here but you don’t feel like spending a lot of time in the kitchen tonight. You need a quick go to.

See what you have left from the week and try to pair it together. That might mean those veggies and meat are now a top of some rice or noodles.  Maybe you have left over lunch meat from sandwiches but you are tired of cold cut sandwiches. With that I say add very little meat or cheese to the bread and place it in hot pan for a hot sandwich and then pair that with some soup or cut the sandwiches up and make it snack night with crackers, or veggies. There are so many ways to throw together a meal from leftovers, the trick is to set it all out and start pairing.

Tonight for us I will do just that. I know we have left over deli sliced chicken, an open package of cream cheese, jalapenos’ and spinach.  We do have crackers in the cabinet and probably a roll or two left.  I have a couple different ways I can make something out of this.  2 rolls aren’t enough for mini sandwiches unless I want to pile them really high.  Why not toast the rolls and add some butter to them and press some garlic and spread it on there.  There are two of us so we’ll each get a roll or if there is only one roll each will get half a roll.  From there I will split open the jalapenos’ and line the sides with the deli meat and fill it up with cream cheese and put that all in the oven to bake until the jalapenos are cooked.  Once done I will put some spinach on the plate and drizzle it very lightly with an oil or dressing, place the jalapenos on top of that and put the roll on the side.  That is just one idea. You could always cut up the jalapenos and place the spinach, jalapenos in a lightly oiled pan on the stove, then cut up the deli meat and add it, let that all cook and get hot.  Now add the cream cheese to it and mix it well but don’t let the cream cheese get fully melted you want it mixed in well but not bubbly hot.  At this time I would toast the rolls and then add the mixture to the roll.  It would be similar to a salad sandwich but instead is a cream cheese sandwich.

Now assuming you have other groceries in the house you can step it up a notch. Take option 2 above but before you add the cream cheese add a few eggs and then you can melt the cream cheese on top of it all.  You could eat this has a meal with a roll on the side or put it on the roll for a sandwich.  Eggs are filling so this is a good trick if you don’t have a lot of ingredients but want the dish to fill up your hungry bunch.

Eggs….You can do so much with eggs; we’ll have to talk about eggs soon in its own post.

This is a short post to jump start your end of day Friday. My advice for tonight’s meal, forget the cook book lay out on the counter what you have and make it up as you go.  Those can sometimes be the best meals!

Have a wonderful weekend and happy cooking!

Bright Blessings

Ruby DragonLily


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