Rainy day meal, quick and easy

Many regions are experiencing rainy and stormy weather. Although the temperature is still around 70 degrees a nice hearty meal will take the chill out.  When most people think of hearty they think of a long drawn out, all day cooking in the crock pot, type of meal.  It doesn’t have to be that.  With brats I already had in the freezer, a few potatoes, 2 stalks of corn, a red pepper, spinach and a couple mushrooms that needed used up I made a meal that made my husband forget it was a stormy rainy night.

I cook mostly in cast iron so keep in mind if you don’t have cast iron you may need to adjust accordingly. With cast iron I use less oil and can go more from oven to stop top, etc.  You may have to do all of the cooking on the stop top, which is fine, or do all of it in a casserole dish in the oven which is fine too.

I cut up the thawed brats into small bite size pieces and placed them in my large deep cast iron skillet and put it in the oven on about 350 degrees just to get it hot and to get the brats to cooking a little. While they were in the oven I cut up about 6 medium sized potatoes into small chunks and then added them to the skillet in the oven. Then I cut up the pepper, some spinach, the mushrooms and I used my knife to cut the corn off of the cob and I set that aside.  At this point I wanted the meal to get done quicker so I put the skillet on the stop top and cranked up the heat.  Make sure you either you stir often so your potatoes get evenly cooked.  Once most of the potatoes were done I then added all the rest of the ingredients.  I did them all at the end because I didn’t want those ingredients to be over cooked and I like them a little raw in this type of dish.  I mixed it all together and then mixed in about a tablespoon of powdered thyme.  I only let it cook about another 5 minutes and served it.

The brats were jalapeño and cheddar brats which gave it a nice kick of flavor but you can use any. The mix of cooked potatoes and fresh veggies was a great contrast that just warmed the soul.

In our busy days don’t forget making a nice home cooked meal doesn’t have to be hard. See what you have and be creative at putting it all together.  You just might come up with something spectacular you would never find a recipe for.

Stay safe everyone this holiday weekend. Enjoy some hotdogs, hamburgers and good ole Memorial Day fun!

Thank you to all the Veterans that have served our Country and kept us safe!! We appreciate your service!


Bright Blessings

Ruby DragonLily


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