Easy summer meal

When it is hot outside you don’t really want to spend time cooking and you usually want something that taste fresh and light. Here is a summer recipe that can be changed to suite your taste and is easy to throw together.

In order to save time I bought flatbread from a bakery instead of making my own. A bag of 12 fresh baked flatbreads was only $5.  I was in the mood for fish so I went to the local market and bought the fish they had on sale, which happened to be cod.  I picked up mozzarella cilantro, a lime, spinach, corn on the cob, yellow bell pepper, tomato and mushrooms.

I put the fish on the flat cast iron skillet and let it start cooking. Once one side was getting done I flipped it and let it cook a few more minutes, then I took my spatula and started chopping it up into bite size pieces.  By letting it cook a bit first it made it easier and I didn’t have to dirty a knife and cutting board for it.  I then added some turmeric, paprika and cut up mushrooms.

On the flat bread I cut up thin slices of mozzarella and placed it in my oven just long enough to melt it. While it was melting I chopped up the pepper, tomato, cilantro and cut the corn off of the cob.

Once the mozzarella finished melting I put them on a plate and topped them with a nice helping of everything and then cut the lime in half and squeezed some on to each flatbread.

This was healthy, easy and refreshing on such a hot summer day.  If you don’t want fish substitute anything else.  Tonight I am going to make this the same way but in order to use up deli meat I am going to chop it up and put it on top and leave off the fish.  Be creative to what you and your family likes.


Bright Blessings

Ruby DragonLily


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