Happy Holidays?!?

It is that time of year again where we partake in holiday rituals.  No matter your religion, faith or spirituallity this is the time of year we meet with family, friends, co-workers and others and eat ourselves silly.  We spend time decorating our homes and finding the perfect gifts.  Is it really worth all the stresses that come with it?  Could we do less and still have a wonderful time with our family and friends?  I think we can.  Over the years holidays have become more commercial and less family oriented.  It shouldn’t be about who has the biggest house and gives the biggest gifts or about meeting somewhere and spending lots of money just to sit at a show where you can’t really be close because there is a show going on! What happen to hanging out, talking, playing games, cooking together and just having fun?

Spending money is thrown at us everywhere we go and society has tried to dictate to us that we must follow suit or miss out.  How about we intentianally miss out? Walk away from all the hubbub and do something different this year and start new traditions for the years to come.

Instead of spending excess money on gifts buy something a family can remember and enjoy.  Take a train ride together, take cooking classes together and then cook together for the holiday, take up a family hobby or think of something in  your area that your family would love.  Material things are not what life is about, being happy down to the core is not brought on by material things. Rent a cabin, everyone can chip in, and everyone brings some food and a type of game and just enjoy each other’s company and play some games.  We always seek out odd board games that are simple yet spark laughter and imagination.  Once up on a time, Gipsy King, Pandemic and Trailer Park Wars are just 4 of many.  

Listen to each other’s conversation to understand and not to reply.  When we are listening just to reply we aren’t really listening we are instead just trying to one up each other.  This does not make for a good time. Take some time, step back and be in the present with your heart, mind and soul.  It’s okay to not have a comback or story of your own.

Make it through this holiday season with your soul a little less bruised by stepping back and remembering a simpler time with no competition!

  Bright Blessings,

Ruby DragonLily


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