Cooking ahead

I have talked about this before but I thought with the holidays in full swing I’d touch on it again.  In our busy lives we want to rely on quick and easy, instant gratification and knowing everything all the time.  Social media and the internet has driven us this way.  The one thing I challenge you to not give up is your health.  One quick way to stay healthy is with your eating habits.  Now, I’m not saying let’s all eat salads.  What I am saying is eat less fast food and heat it up foods and out of the can foods and eat more from scratch foods.  We all have time for that if we prioritize.  It’s okay to give up watching an extra 30 minutes of TV and facebook time.  Most items you can make from scratch almost as easy and quick as the instant, canned and frozen foods you buy.  

The real trick though is planning ahead.  Take a day and make several meals and then freeze them in portion sizes.  This way you can set something out to thaw while at work, heat it up when you get home and have a from scratch meal that you made.  This includes pizzas, enchiladas, meats, breads, pastas and just about anything else you can imagine.  I use the ziploc vacuum sealer which makes it even easier because you just have to drop the package in boiling water to heat up the food.  Talk about a no mess meal!

Stay healthy this holiday season by eating your own cooking.  Happy Holidays to all, stay safe, warm and do what makes you happy!
Bright Blessings,

Ruby DragonLily 


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