Sausage and Eggs; grab and go

In this busy time we need a hearty breakfast but want to also grab and go.  With a little ahead of time preparation you can feed the masses at their convience.  Sausage and eggs is a good source of protien and will give you an energy boost to start your day while feeling full.  These are called Scotch eggs, an egg covered with ground sausage and baked or fried.   

I start mine by boiling my eggs.  The qty is up to you, for most 1 egg per person per breakfast is probably enough since these are feeling.  These are easily heated up another day so make plenty.  The eggs boil time is dependent on how hard you like your yoke.  We like ours more solid so I boil by eggs, timing after the water starts boiling, for about 10 minutes.  If you like your yoke more runny then back off the time you boil them, 5 minutes is a good target time.  

While the eggs are boiling you can get the rest of the assembly line ready.  Add any spices you want to the sausage and mix it up well.  I add some red pepper and thyme to mine.  Now separate the ground sausage into balls a little bigger than a golf ball, then flatten them out.  This will speed things up once the eggs are ready.  Now for the assembly line of bowls. One for flour, one for eggs and one for crumbs.  You will need about one beat egg for about every 2 balls you make, this is to coat for crumbs so you want to beat the eggs well.  As for crumbs I use graham crackers that I process in my food processor but you can use anything from crackers, bread crumbs to a store bought crumb.  For me I processed graham crackers finely in the food processor and keep them stored in an air tight jar until needed.  If you use bread crumbs make sure you chop them or process them finely so they coat better.  

Now your eggs are boiled, cooled and peeled.  Place an egg into the sausage and work the sausage around it, now this is where I also place a little piece of mozzarella in the sausage.  You could add any cheese if you want just make sure you don’t add too much or it will ooze out and just burn.  Work the sausage around the egg and once completly covered coat it with the flour, then the egg and then the crumbs.  Place the ball into a frying pan with about 1/4 inch oil and move the ball around some so each side cooks evenly.  You can also bake them.  I do a combination so I have the crunch of it being fried but then by throwing them into the oven I don’t have to babysit them as much.  I fry them until they are golden brown and then place them in the oven.  I also cut in to one just to ensure the sausage is done.  

Now bite into them and enjoy! Make a huge batch and let the family heat them  back up as they want, this takes the daily work out of breakfast and still gives them something hardy to start the day with.

Happy Holidays and Bright Blessings,

Ruby DragonLily


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