Sunshine Healing

Well all is good on this beautifully sunny day.  After taking extra elderberry syrup and drinking several cups a day of ginger root and honey hot tea I am feeling great.  This morning there was still a bit of the blahs but that cleared right up when I went outside and enjoyed some sunshine. Although it was only 37 degrees and I had to bundle up it was worth it.

As most people know we get vitamin D from the sun.  That helps all kinds of things from our liver, kidneys to our bones.  Sunshine also helps with SAD syndrome, which is lack of sunshine and causes depression.  SAD syndrome affects many Alaskans but people all over can suffer from this. Especially in today’s world of technology where we sit inside on our devices.

For me sunshine is a revitalizing, energy giving resource!  I find that when I have a headache, neck stress, the blahs or just plain sick if I get out in the sunshine I start feeling better.

Try this next time you have an illness or headache.  If it is too cold to go outside find a sunny window to sit in.  Try taking a book and reading a book or go for a walk.  Not only will nature itself inspire you the sunshine will heal you.

The less chemical medicines we put in our bodies and the more natural remedies we follow the healthier we will be.  Natural remedies can be as simple as being in nature or sitting in the sun.

What do you have to lose?

Bright Blessings,

Ruby DragonLily  


Home Remedies

In today’s world of pharmacies you can get a drug for anything.  Physical or mental you have a wide choice.  If you go back before the wide world of pharmacies people used herbs, vegetables and fruits to make salves, tinctures and syrups to heal themselves and keep them healthy.     Throughout the past 100 years we changed from following the natural life to a life of following pharmaceuticals and new technology.  Is this a bad thing?  Are we living longer but have worse diseases and illnesses now?  How do we mix modern practices with the old ways?  These are all questions that I try to answer within my own life.  To me it matters because I want to go into old age healthy without medicines and hit the 100 year old mark with my husband as if it was a breeze.  I know these are lofty goals but for us it is one we are striving for.

So how do we balance these life choices in today’s world? I have done lots of research on things such as cancer, heart disease, parkinson’s, etc and one thing is clear in all of them, healthy habits are good along with variety.  The research all points to eating organic fruits and vegetables and cutting out the sugars and chemicals in our life.  Now what does this really mean…  It isn’t saying you can’t eat a cookie but maybe you should make those cookies homemade and replace your sugar with honey and cut the amount in half.  Trust me, once you make them this way for a while you won’t go back to super sweet cookies.  You will find you taste all the ingredients together instead of just having a bite of sugar.  Muffins are easy to change up too, Instead of white sugar again use honey.  Honey is more natural and your system can break it down better than regular sugar.  Honey also has healing properties that will help boost your immune system versus sugar which will just bog you down.  You will get more energy from a honey treat than a sugary treat and the energy will last longer. Plus an added bonus your belly will slim down because sugar settles in the belly but honey will not.  

Back to home remedies though.  When you do come down sick with a common cold or flu why run to the doctor?  Your body will eventually become immune to the chemical laden medications they prescribe so why not attack it naturally?  Making simple Elderberry syrup will boost the immune system, coat the throat, and get you out of bed without the chemical side effects.  A hot tea of ginger root and honey will give you some energy and cut the couch.  Homemade cough drops with honey and slippery elm makes a good on the go remedy.  These are all things that I keep on hand, especially during cold and flu season.  Skipping to other ailments, to help keep hemorrhoids at bay add some devils claw powder to a hot bath a few times a week.  It is a natural anti-inflammatory and works great.  I have a family member that has severe hemorrhoids but hasn’t had a flare up in 5 years, ever since I gave them this tip.  To help aid in joint pain from things such as arthritis add capsaicin oil to a lotion and it will help tame the pain with no side effects.  And I could go on and on with simple homemade remedies that anyone can do from their kitchen.

Afterall all the drug companies based their chemical formulas after mother nature.  Why not skip the middleman and go directly to mother nature!

Now that being said there is something to say about some modern technology in the medical  field.  The degenerative arthritis in my feet can not be fixed but having my big toes fused stopped the pain and swelling and extra bone growth and of course I needed a good specialty surgeon for that. I will say I don’t regret it at all.  Remember though sometimes it is just about getting a diagnosis and then fixing it yourself.  When my heel hurt I went to my dr and had xrays taken.  Due to my arthritis bone spurs were forming up the back of my heel.  The dr offered the chemical drug cortisone shots but I declined.  Instead I came home and started soaking my feet in a blend of hot water (I just bought a foot bath spa for $25), apple cider vinegar and peppermint oil.  At first I did this each day until the water in the spa cooled off.  Now I do it once a week.  My feet overall feel better but the best part is the bone spur pain is gone.  The reason why is because Apple Cider Vinegar will pull extra calcium out of the body when applied to that part of the body.  By soaking my feet it is pulling out the excess calcium that the bone spurs are made of, which in my case is caused by the arthritis.  Why put my body through the chemical drugs if I don’t have to.  This puts me closer to our goal of living to a healthy 100 years old.

    So as I sit here on my couch with a winter cold, sore throat and body aches I am sipping my hot tea made of ginger root and honey and I have take a swig of elderberry syrup.  For lunch I have waiting for me a homemade pot of corn and potato chowder that I made out of fresh organic ingredients and added extra garlic too.  Oh I forgot to mention how garlic is more potent than antibiotics.  During the winter time I cook with it in almost every dish! Let me add too I haven’t had this kind of cold in years but due to a few life stresses and the cold wind here that will fly you to the next state my body finally said enough is enough.  So I am taking a day to recoup.  The good thing is while the average person will be sick for a week I will only have it for a day or two.  With my natural ways my body heals quicker and gets over these things faster than ever before.  Partly because I don’t have the unnatural chemicals in my body.  See although those chemical medicines are helping your symptoms they are causing other fights within your body.

As always I say do your research and make your own decisions.  Remember in today’s internet world don’t just take a bloggers word for it.  Instead get reputable information from sources such as James A Dukes A Green Pharmacy or Judith Griffins book Mother Nature’s Herbal or other sources like these were the authors have been doctors and/or studied the world.

Stay warm this winter! Spring is on it’s way!

Bright Blessings

Ruby DragonLily