Sunshine Healing

Well all is good on this beautifully sunny day.  After taking extra elderberry syrup and drinking several cups a day of ginger root and honey hot tea I am feeling great.  This morning there was still a bit of the blahs but that cleared right up when I went outside and enjoyed some sunshine. Although it was only 37 degrees and I had to bundle up it was worth it.

As most people know we get vitamin D from the sun.  That helps all kinds of things from our liver, kidneys to our bones.  Sunshine also helps with SAD syndrome, which is lack of sunshine and causes depression.  SAD syndrome affects many Alaskans but people all over can suffer from this. Especially in today’s world of technology where we sit inside on our devices.

For me sunshine is a revitalizing, energy giving resource!  I find that when I have a headache, neck stress, the blahs or just plain sick if I get out in the sunshine I start feeling better.

Try this next time you have an illness or headache.  If it is too cold to go outside find a sunny window to sit in.  Try taking a book and reading a book or go for a walk.  Not only will nature itself inspire you the sunshine will heal you.

The less chemical medicines we put in our bodies and the more natural remedies we follow the healthier we will be.  Natural remedies can be as simple as being in nature or sitting in the sun.

What do you have to lose?

Bright Blessings,

Ruby DragonLily  


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