Living Happy

When I started this blog it was about my journey to living a more natural, chemical free life.  Mainly I write about food and how to stay healthy by eating the best foods.  As things change in my life I sit here and think about other ways of staying healthy and happy.  Stress is something most people battle on a daily or weekly basis and along with that comes health issues.  I have talked about getting outside and enjoying nature, taking time for yourself and just smiling for no reason because that alone makes us healthier.  What about a lifestyle change?  Changing your profession?  Changing your atmosphere?   Is this all do able in today’s busy world?

I say yes it is!

As my full time job came to an end I had a decision to make.  Get another full time job or not.  For years my husband and I knew that eventually, some day, we wanted to open up our own business.  We did without what some call necessities but we called luxuries in order to put things in place for this dream.  When everyone else had dish or cable we watched regular tv.  When the world flipped their lids over smart phones we didn’t see the need and kept our flip phones for years.  As people were changing in their cars every couple years for new ones, we did not.  Do you see the pattern here? We in essence for lack of a better term, didn’t care about keeping up with the Joneses.  We had our own agenda of paying off our home within 7 years, being off grid and not have utility bills and setting ourselves up to basically be happy.  We have achieved this, we paid our home off in 6 ½ years and have a full solar system (and yes we live normal lives such as my husband games online with this ps4) and now has come time for that decision……stay working full time or embark on a journey of something new.  

I chose to embark on a journey of something new.  I have started my own home based business and am taking classes to be a personal trainer with classes in nutrition.  I don’t have any desire to do that muscle bound gym thing but I do have a desire to teach people how to be healthy and happy and make their life their own.  With yoga and tai chi in my weekly routines I feel better and am healthier and happier so why not spread that love to others.  Will I make what I use to make, no! That’s okay though, I don’t have a need for what I use to make.  Life shouldn’t be about money and objects.  Life should be about doing what makes you happy.  In today’s crazy world of opinions that apparently run to every side of the spectrum you should be able to slow down, observe and find yourself.  If someone tells you that it is crazy then maybe you just look at them and say, that’s the point!

Bright Blessings

Ruby DragonLily


Staying healthy in our crazy world

   In a world of crazy it is hard sometimes to remember to care for ourselves.  We come down with colds, flu, or worse cancer.  A cancer diagnosis is something no one wants to get and is life changing.   There are so many types these days and so many treatments how does one determine what to do?  When do we look past normal cold and flu symptoms or daily stress and tiredness symptoms and get checked for something worse?  I think this is when it will pay off to know your body.  To know your body one needs to slow down, eat healthy and turn off things such as excess stress.

    We need to remember our lives are what we want and not what anyone else wants.  We need to take control of our paths.  Life isn’t about keeping up with the neighbors, social media or instant gratification or material things.  Life is about family, friends, health and happiness.  Standing up for what you believe in and living the life you want is key.  

    Instead of waiting for the inevitable sickness try to look forward to changing aspects of your life.  Eat fruit everyday, eat veggies everyday and have a balanced lifestyle.  Even with that there is always the chance something will sneak up on you and in the end you are battling for your life.  When this happens stress levels go up and your immunity goes down.  Everyone wants to help but they all have their own idea of what you need.  Only you can make the decision on your next move.  Do your research and decide what works for you.  Make your intentions known and stick to your values.

    Some things to remember though if you are struck with a bad diagnosis of any kind.  Fruits, veggies and herbs do work well with modern treatments to help get you through.  Pineapple should be a first and foremost go to. An organic pineapple can boost the immune system, help with swelling, bloating among a list of other great things.  Pineapple has nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, including potassium, copper, manganese, calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, beta carotene,  thiamin, B6, and folate, as well as soluble and insoluble fiber, and bromelain.  Bromelain is a great anti-inflammatory.  Pineapple has been shown in research to fight colds, flus, improve digestion, help respiratory and heart conditions and not only prevent cancer but help cure it as well.  So, why not put a little fresh organic pineapple in your life when they are in season.  But this little gem isn’t the only one we need in our lives.  Berries, oranges, lemons, apples, bananas and all fruits are gems that our bodies need.  With them we can fight infections, detoxify our livers, control our diabetes, and live happier because we will be healthier.  Veggies are also a great thing that will bring a wealth of nutrients, potassium and just what our body needs.  To incorporate veggies into your meals start easy and do raw or lightly cooked when you can.  And herbs are are nature’s gift to our health and happiness.  Ginger root steeped in hot water with some honey added will help keep colds and flus away and lessen the symptoms when we get them.  Elderberries is like taking a nice vitamin boost shot each day.  Make it into a nice syrup/juice and take a spoonful a day.  Comfrey is great made into a poultice to help with skin abrasions.  

I guess what I am trying to share with this writing today is don’t discount what mother nature has to offer.  When you know someone going through an illness take them organic fruit, veggies and herbs instead of cupcakes, cookies and processed chemical concoctions that are listed as food but isn’t really food.  Provide them with fresh organic produce that can help them fight what they are going through.  Research does prove these things work and overall they are cheaper than processed stuff.  I say that because once you start a lifestyle of fresh foods you will find you aren’t as hungry, you don’t eat as much and you put out less for medicines.  I haven’t bought a cough syrup or expectorant in over 5 years because I know what ginger, honey and elderberries can do for me.  Organic is key to keep the chemicals out of your life.  

Bright Blessings

Ruby DragonLily 

Spring Food Transitioning

   Although it is technically still winter time the weather has been beautiful! The heavier food we tend  to eat over the winter hasn’t been fulfilling hunger.  As I was walking around the market this week deciding what foods we would have this week I decided to jump in and buy some yummy foods that typically we’d eat later in the year.  The avocados looked great and were very firm and on sale for 44 cents each, bought 2.  The cucumbers were firm, huge and on sale, bought 1.  I picked up spinach, dieken, and red peppers.  A staple at our house is jalepeno bread.  This week we will be eating lighter yet still hardy.                               

For lunch I placed shredded a little cheese onto the bread and popped it into the oven just long enough to heat up the bread and not quite melt the cheese.  While it was heating up I chopped up an avocado and thinly sliced about 8 slices of cucumber.  I took the bread out of the oven and placed on it the cucumber and avocado. Piled high with flavor and the bread making it filling these little sandwiches were a hit with my husband.  The cucumber and avocado meshed together well and then the jalepeno bread added a spice to it all that really sealed the flavors together.    

    Now I’ll take some chicken out of the freezer and cook it with lots of herbs such as garlic, thyme, red pepper flakes and black pepper.  The chicken will be shredded and placed in a bowl in the fridge.  I’ll boil some quinoa and place it in the fridge for the week also.  Throughout the week I’ll chop of the veggies and add chicken and quinoa and toast some jalepeno bread with butter and garlic and we’ll eat light yet fulfilling as we transition into the spring weather.  I’ll do a variation some days and build sandwiches with the chicken and veggies.  
         For some this may seem like too light of food.  Meal sizes have continued to grow in size and that isn’t really necessary.  If you put real food in your body then your body doesn’t need as much food.  It actually isn’t  expensive to eat healthy because one you cut out the processed foods and what I like to call fake food because it is mainly just a chemical mix your body requires less food.  One you start cutting out sugars and junk you will  no longer enjoy eating it.  
    My suggestion is always try eating different for a month but also start out slow.  Your body will detox the first couple weeks you change and then you need a couple weeks to see how you like the newly introduced foods.  Pick a couple things and replace them each month and over time you’ll realize you no longer crave or like those processed foods and junk foods you were buying.  Once this happens you will find you are eating less and eating more natrually, the way we are meant to eat.  My husband is a good example.  He use to eat cookies like they were a staple for every meal, I called him the cookie monster.  I now make only from scratch cookies and I not only use less sugar than the recipe calls for I also substitute some with honey.  If the recipe calls for a cup of sugar I’d do 1/4 cup brown sugar and 1/4 honey.  Now that he has been eating these he no  longer likes store bought cookies.  He says they taste horrible and all he taste is sugar and weirdness! He actually ate lots of store bought cookies and desserts the last time we visited family and after that weekend he wasn’t feeling well (belly ache) and ended up puking.  I contribute that to all the fake cookies and sugar he ate that weekend.  I did not eat them  and other than that we ate the same things.  So that reminds us that our bodies are meant to eat healthier than we do.

Nature is there to care of us as we should care of it.  

Bright Blessings
Ruby DragonLily