Living Happy

When I started this blog it was about my journey to living a more natural, chemical free life.  Mainly I write about food and how to stay healthy by eating the best foods.  As things change in my life I sit here and think about other ways of staying healthy and happy.  Stress is something most people battle on a daily or weekly basis and along with that comes health issues.  I have talked about getting outside and enjoying nature, taking time for yourself and just smiling for no reason because that alone makes us healthier.  What about a lifestyle change?  Changing your profession?  Changing your atmosphere?   Is this all do able in today’s busy world?

I say yes it is!

As my full time job came to an end I had a decision to make.  Get another full time job or not.  For years my husband and I knew that eventually, some day, we wanted to open up our own business.  We did without what some call necessities but we called luxuries in order to put things in place for this dream.  When everyone else had dish or cable we watched regular tv.  When the world flipped their lids over smart phones we didn’t see the need and kept our flip phones for years.  As people were changing in their cars every couple years for new ones, we did not.  Do you see the pattern here? We in essence for lack of a better term, didn’t care about keeping up with the Joneses.  We had our own agenda of paying off our home within 7 years, being off grid and not have utility bills and setting ourselves up to basically be happy.  We have achieved this, we paid our home off in 6 ½ years and have a full solar system (and yes we live normal lives such as my husband games online with this ps4) and now has come time for that decision……stay working full time or embark on a journey of something new.  

I chose to embark on a journey of something new.  I have started my own home based business and am taking classes to be a personal trainer with classes in nutrition.  I don’t have any desire to do that muscle bound gym thing but I do have a desire to teach people how to be healthy and happy and make their life their own.  With yoga and tai chi in my weekly routines I feel better and am healthier and happier so why not spread that love to others.  Will I make what I use to make, no! That’s okay though, I don’t have a need for what I use to make.  Life shouldn’t be about money and objects.  Life should be about doing what makes you happy.  In today’s crazy world of opinions that apparently run to every side of the spectrum you should be able to slow down, observe and find yourself.  If someone tells you that it is crazy then maybe you just look at them and say, that’s the point!

Bright Blessings

Ruby DragonLily


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