Raw Summer Meals

We are past the middle of summer and it has been a busy one.  With the hot temperatures we are experiencing in my neck of the woods I will say the dinner menu has been all over.  With that though we have not been eating hot cooked meals.  With produce plentiful right now you can eat healthy, hearty and cheap.  The Farmer’s Market’s are full of farmers selling their wares so you can pick up your in season produce and handmade items.  

So what has been on our table this past few weeks?  Lots of vegetables, raw vegetables.

From eating raw corn, chilled tomatoes, slices of onions to raw peas and kolrabi we have eaten well without all the heat from the stove and oven.

We have not eaten a lot of meat this summer.  Meat has gotten expensive and really if you do the research the you can get plenty of protein from so many other sources that maybe it is fine if we cut some out of our diets.  Afterall our teeth are not built to be omnivores 🙂 Not to say we haven’t eaten meat because yes we BBQ’d burgers and brats with friends and 2 different camp outs this month which did give us leftovers.  

If you hold a corn on the cob on end and run a nice down it to cut off the kernels, into a bowl, and then chop up some tomatoes, onions, maybe jalapeno peppers if you like a little spice, get a good hard cheese that you can cut up into really small cubes, then add a smidge of something like a white wine vinegar and a couple tablespoons of a nice oil such as grapeseed or olive or sunflower and mix it all up really well.  This is a nice base for raw corn salad.  If you need a little more calories add some baked bread with a little peanut butter and/or honey to it or maybe some bread with a butter and garlic spread on to it.  If you really want to mix things up use this base and add it to taco shells, squeeze a little lime on it and add a little salsa and sour cream!  It is yummy!!  I also added broccoli cut up really small  to it for a change.  Use your imagination with your vegetables and think outside the norm! Most can be eaten raw and are actually better for you raw. In this heat eating light is better for you.  

It hasn’t been all about vegetables though.  We have eaten our share of peanut butter and honey sandwiches, all fruit night, cracker and cheese night and other great things that usually are snack but grew into a meal.

For all fruit night I cut up whatever fruit we have in the house.  That usually consist of something like oranges, bananas, peaches, watermelon, berries etc. I put it all in a bowl and set out some crackers, not just any crackers though. Crackers that are bought from a local bakery and full of flavor!  This meal was very satisfying to my husband as he just got home from a 14 hour day at work as a maintenance technician and it was 100 degrees out and the last thing he wanted was a heavy hot meal.  Cracker and cheese night is fun because I pick a few different cheeses, hard and soft, from the local grocery store that has a cheese bar. Now I know you are thinking oh my that is expensive but you shop their odds and ends baskets and you get smaller hunks and most run between a $1 and $5.  I pick up a couple different crackers or make some homemade and usually cut up some onion and Jalapeno peppers and tomatoes to go on top too.  Put it all out on plates and it’s an let them assemble their own.  For the rest of the summer think outside the box on what you are serving and try keeping it light and seeing how you feel.

Take in plenty of water and if you need to replace those electrolytes drink an ice cold coconut water instead of sports drinks.   A good coconut water doesn’t have the sugar and salt/sodium sports drinks have and remember there are several brands out there so try a few and not just one.  Our favorite is the Bai, https://www.drinkbai.com/bai-cocofusion Their cocofusions are great, I am partial to the lime but we buy a multi pack box from Sam’s Club each week.  

Live Clean, Eat Well and be happy!

Bright Blessings

Ruby DragonLily


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