Chemical free living

Chemical free living is something dear to my heart.   Why chemical free?  Our bodies are organic in a sense so why would we introduce chemicals into them?  It is the only body we get in this lifetime so in my opinion why not take care of it the best you can.

For 7 years our lifestyle has changed, for the better.  We are in our mid 40’s and healthy and on no medications.  To achieve this we took the path of being chemical free.  

Cooking from scratch, cutting out sugar and processed foods, changing our cleaners and overall changing our lifestyle.  This has to be one of the best decisions we have made.

We have more energy, more motivation and have a more fulfilled life. Why did we make these changes?

Cancer, high blood pressure and other health issues run in my family.  If there is any way I can lessen the chance of having these issues then I want to take it.  This means eating fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, less meat and less sugar.  All these things become habits over time and in the end when someone tries to get you to eat a sugar laden cookie, where the sugar falls off it, you cringe and say no thank you because you know it is going to taste like crap. When you eat poor quality meats and vegetables they are usually tasteless compared to their organic counterparts.

So my challenge to everyone is to take a month and change your habits.  Do this with an open mind and eat nothing but fresh vegetables and fruits and less meat for a month straight and then see how you feel.  Make changes also in your drink habits.  Instead of a sports drink go all natural with plain water or try a Bai coconut fusion  After a month of making some changes you’ll develop new senses for new foods.  You’ll realize real organic foods taste better and make you feel better  There is nothing like a good organic heirloom tomato or an organic banana!  Go for true taste not a processed taste that is basically just salt and sugar.

Now that you have cleaned up your foods we can work on other tid bits such as if you have a headache gently rub some real peppermint oil on your temples to relieve the headache.  Or a tablespoon of local raw honey a day will help keep allergies at  bay.  Follow my blog for more information on living clean.

Live Clean!

Bright Blessings

Ruby DragonLily 

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