Life Thought

     ​Normally I talk about food and nature type subjects.  The busy summer I have had brings me to write about something more personal, family and friends.  We are thrown into a family and raised based on how our parents are taught through their families and through society.  As we grow older some realize that one’s beliefs may or may not follow suite with how they are raised.  At that point happiness should come into play.  That is when we pick our friends and in some cases we call them our family as well.  Not everyone follows this ritual, some stay closer to family and beliefs that others.  Is this okay?  The old saying does say we pick our friends not our family.  But then again what defines family?

This year I have learned that, for me, the path I am heading down is the right one for my happiness.  In my mid 40’s I have had a great career in upper management that I worked hard to achieve and maintain (coming from a poor single parent family), own my home/property, have a great husband, lead a relative healthy lifestyle that keeps me and my family out of the Dr’s office and no meds and reflecting back that I truly am happy.  How many can actually say that in this crazy world these days?  If you can’t should you take time to reflect on what actually makes you happy?  Afterall, everyone does deserve a chance to be happy.

    Between a close family member receiving a diagnosis of stage 4 cancer, other members of my family just being power hungry and controlling and others just seeming to only exist instead of live it has all gotten me thinking this year as to what is important in life!  

For me, what is important is living and being happy for me.  If those power hungry and controlling family members can’t ‘chill out’ long enough to even know what is going on in my life then maybe they don’t need to fully be in my life.  Maybe the ones just wanting to exist don’t know what direction they want to go in but does that need to affect my path?  This is a tricky subject.  On one hand my caring loving nature wants to help and save everyone, especially from themselves but on the other hand I want to think of my own well being and how those energy sucking vampires steal my happy.  

So in my mid 40’s I have stepped back to reflect.  I don’t need to shut those unhappy people out of my life but I don’t have to save them either.  In the end making sure myself and my immediate family that lives in my household are happy and healthy is what matters, they are my future.

With that life should not be a race or competition with anyone, you should always take a few minutes to know something personal about someone so you can ask them about it the next time you talk to or see them but overall find your family, aka friends, that are of your like mindedness and hold them dear.  When I grow old I want those people that just say hey what’s up to be around me not the ones with hidden agendas that they may not even realize they have yet.

I no longer have time in my life for stupid drama, power hungry people, competition or BS.  My life is filled with, by choice, silliness, happiness, time to smell the roses and making my own way how I want to make it.  If you don’t agree with my way that is just fine, you don’t have to agree, you only have to understand it’s okay for everyone to be on a different path and still get a long.

I leave you all with this today.  Find your happy and hold on to it!  We make our own lives what we want them to be and no one can stop that but you.

Bright Blessings,

Ruby DragonLily


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