Adventures in eating…

We tend to go thru our daily lives eating typically the same things.  Sometimes we reach outside the norm and try something new but overall we stick to the same types.  What happens when your life choices have to change because you are diagnosed with an allergy?  That is an allergy against meats and dairy and anything from a pig, cow or mammal.  Which for a vegetarian or vegan this may seem like a win win but for a daily meat eater this can make your life a little topsy turvy.  
This has happened to a close family member and watching them go thru it is tough. It did lead me down a road of research to what really does come from an animal and how much do we really know about where items come from?  Such as the thickener gelatin is made from animal collagen and even Benadryl has animal byproducts added to it and whey comes from dairy.  Let’s spend some time covering some of these items over the next few writings.
In the meantime…

Bright Blessings,

Ruby DragonLily

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