Life changes

Here we are with more life changes and hopefully this time they bring a steady amount of time for writing.  After losing my mom I did what probably most would do and just throw themselves in to work and life and try not to dwell.  In reality I miss my mom, I miss our long talks about nothing good and bad and I miss her gossip sessions about my siblings, her neighbors and her day to day nosiness.  I miss seeing something and my first though is oh my I have to call mom and tell her about that.

Now with another big life event upon me I do realize that this one is sort of inspired by her.

So long story short, my job came to an end due to all the flooding and my work not reopening.  Husband and I bought vacation property on a beach and decided to move from the midwest to said beach.  After all if I have to find another job, why not do it somewhere the winter temps aren’t in the single digits and you can dip your toes in the sand on a daily basis.

Life needs to be lived and not just gone through.  This is what my mom’s passing taught me.  At 73 she needed to fulfill several bucket list items and I want to have those under my belt before then.  That leads me to getting back to what makes me thrive and that’s writing.  Writing about life, living, and stuff.

This weeks ‘stuff’ is our house in the midwest goes up for sale soon and we embark on a new adventure. This adventure will still bring me to a natural, chemical free, happy life style.

So stay tuned for more to come.


Bright Blessings,



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