Chemical clutter

Living clean and chemical free means more than food. Stuff in your living areas can take over and leave you mentally drained.  We fulfill our time off with cleaning our homes, buying more stuff and then adding it to our cleaning routine .  Are we meant to spend our free time picking up, cleaning, shopping and repeating?  How did this stigma start?  At what point as a society did we start competing with each other? Or maybe we always have,  just the dynamic of it has changed.

Being chemical free for me is a choice based upon wanting to beat the odds of an illness.  I am now realizing in my journey that also means mentally too.  Having clutter around you isn’t good for your mind, so we try and fix that by always cleaning our homes and surroundings.  How about a new technique though? How about clearing the clutter by not generating it to begin with.

Society has naturally grown into bigger homes, multiple cars, bigger belongings and more stuff.  Does all that make you happy or make you crazy?  For me it ended up making me tired.  I have come to a conclusion that keeping up with the Jones’s is just stupid.  I don’t need your stuff to make me happy.  We have spent the last 2 months getting rid of most of our belongings to prepare to live in a much smaller home so we can travel more and enjoy life more.  There is no need to spend my days off cleaning, organizing and trying to impress.  The more we get rid of the happier we have become.  Now don’t get me wrong, I am naturally a happy person.  I usually find the positive in things instead of being the negative ninny.  I had no idea how freeing it would be to get rid of stuff.

Try it, start with that closet that is stuffed full.  Get rid of anything you haven’t seen, used or looked at for a year or so.  They say 6 months but let’s be truthful we are keeping that crap a little longer! Or at least until you get rid of the older stuff, then 6 months may become a reality.  Donate it, have a good ole fashion yard sale or just leave it on the curb.

Now I know there are going to be those things that are sentimental. I get it, I have  those things too.  Especially things from my mom!!  So I picked a few of the most precious to me and the rest I came up with an inventive idea to keep the memory and still get rid of the item.  I set those items all together in a neat organized to me fashion and took some pictures of it all.  Some of the items I included are a red stool, some dishes, and other misc items.  That picture was then printed on a canvas and hung on my wall.  It looks like a painting but it is actually my memories.


So with that enjoy cleaning that closet and freeing up your mind and clutter.  Next time I’ll share a hot summer recipe that my husband and I are enjoying.


Bright Blessings



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