Stuff and mac n cheese

There is a lot to be said for having stuff.  Some people look at having stuff as an icon of their life.  We put things around us that make us feel better about our accomplishments and possibly to show off our accomplishments.  It is a way of life that we are taught at a young age typically.  Most of us will follow in the footsteps that were laid out for us instead of finding our own way. I have asked this before so I’ll challenge it this time.  Is all that stuff really making us happy?

As I have said I have embarked on the next chapter of my life and at this time I do have a lot to say about stuff!

We have spent 3 months un doing 20+ years of stuff and it is very overwhelming but each day we get closer to being free.  We have a beach in our sights after living in the northern midwest and that little glimpse of warmth is what keeps me going.  My husband and I have been together for 20+ years and he has saved all the toys from his childhood, I apparently think fabric is a way of life and together we have stuff.  We have moved once in our time together and now are about to move a second time.  The first time we moved was about 300 miles away and came with no easy task.  It took 2 moving trucks and several trips with our own trailer and full size van and car loads.  The reason why we moved all that stuff was because we had this notion this was the only time we would be moving.  We loved our new home, our new area, our new jobs and now 11 years later we still do love it all but found a stronger love to be in a warmer climate.  That climate though is 900 miles away and that alone meant downsizing.  As we sort through a 3,000 sq ft home and 3 sheds of stuff you realize what is important to move with.  The thought that if it has been stored over a year then you don’t need it has some validity to it. As we have been opening totes and boxes and digging through my natural instinct is oh I forgot I had that and I need it.  HA, What the Heck am I thinking!!

So the discussion became when we move on to the property we bought on the beach do we build a house or do we buy a new travel trailer and live in it for a while and travel as well.  This debate took a couple months for us to figure out but no matter what we knew we had to  downsize our stuff.  Downsizing some small collections that aren’t worth a lot but worth more than garage sale prices is a little difficult.  You have to decide what is more important; getting rid of the stuff or making money off of it.   At first my reaction was I want it’s value because I paid for that with my hard earned money.  The more we have opened, went through and set aside the more I really want to just set fire to it all and walk away!  After all a beach is calling our names!

I think there are phases you go through from excitement to angry to exhaustion to overwhelmed and that’s why you need to keep the end goal in sight and take breaks.  As we go through this process we are learning more and more about what truly makes us happy.  Stuff is not what makes us tick.  We enjoy each other’s company, being outside, playing with our energetic dogs and living life outside of rooms full of stuff.  We took note of how often do we actually go in to the entire house.  After a couple months we realized we use the kitchen, one of living rooms and our master bedroom and of course both bathrooms.  That’s it, so what about the other 2,000 sq ft, oh yeah we put stuff in it.  Now don’t get me wrong, we aren’t crazy hoarders that can’t get rid of stuff and our house is clean but that doesn’t mean we don’t have stuff! That being the case why am I spending so much time dusting and cleaning all that stuff?

We suspect it is going to take us another month to get everything in order in our home so we can embark on our new journey.  My advice or challenge is for you to take stock in life and what makes you happy.  Make small changes now because you don’t want to end up like us and get the bug to move and be stalled. We are getting there and will be before winter hits.  So make that leap and do what makes you happy even if it is something small, all those small changes will add up to something big before you know it.


Oh and today’s meal was homemade mac and cheese with a leftover pork chop cut up.  With the temps falling back to the 80’s and 70’s it seemed fitting to start slowly with some comfort food. Homemade mac and cheese is so easy, there is no need to spend the money on a box.  Boil water for pasta, cut up some cheese chunks about ½ cup worth, take out about a half of block of cream cheese, about ¼ stick of butter and about ⅛ cup milk and cut up about 2 gloves of garlic.  Once your pasta is soft and you have drained it add into the pot all of the above and stir or a medium heat until it starts to melt, add your pasta back in and then stir it up until it is covered.  Voila you have homemade mac and cheese. I add a little creole seasoning to mine but that’s personal taste preference.  Enjoy!


Bright Blessings



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