Rice and Bologna oh my!

When you haven’t made it grocery shopping and you haven’t thawed anything and for some reason in the middle of September it is 95 degrees instead of 80 you get creative.  About 3 times a year we enjoy fried bologna sandwiches and this just happened to be one of those weeks for them.  But with all the bread gone but 2 pieces you start to wonder what else can you do with bologna because after all I don’t want it to go to waste.  Yes I could make homemade bread or make the 20 mile trip to the store but with the upcoming move looming over us who has time for that!

So first we need to use up those 2 pieces of bread!  An open faced bologna, cheese and egg topped with some fresh cut tomato and a dusting of creole seasoning was for lunch.  With the egg yoke left a little runny it made for a delicious meal.  I lightly buttered bread and put it on the cast iron pan and lightly toasted one side.  As I flipped it over I added cheese so it can start to get melted on the bread and at the same time I put some bologna on the pan to start heating it up.  Once the bottom of the bread was lightly toasted and the cheese started getting melted I put it on a plate, finished frying the bologna and put it on top.  I then cracked 2 farm fresh eggs onto the cast iron flat pan and lightly dusted them with creole seasoning and cook them until the yoke was just barely runny.  Once I placed them on top of the bologna I added the cherry tomatoes I cut up while the egg was cooking. It makes a pretty good open faced sandwich to eat with a fork.

Now I still have 2 pieces of bologna left so what do we do with it?  Checking the cabinets I came up with rice and bologna.  I cooked the long grain slow cooking rice as I cut up some bologna and cheese and set them aside.  I cut up a little red onion and a couple of gloves of garlic and some more tomato.  Once the rice was done I added the onion and garlic and cooked it all a little longer in some water so soften the strength of the onion.  Then I drained it all and added the bologna and cheese and dished it up.  Topping off the plates with the tomato.

Not only did this use up some misc ingredients but it made for a tasty dish that I will repeat in the future.  It was a hit!


Happy creating and cooking!


Bright Blessings



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