Happy Holidays?!?

It is that time of year again where we partake in holiday rituals.  No matter your religion, faith or spirituallity this is the time of year we meet with family, friends, co-workers and others and eat ourselves silly.  We spend time decorating our homes and finding the perfect gifts.  Is it really worth all the stresses that come with it?  Could we do less and still have a wonderful time with our family and friends?  I think we can.  Over the years holidays have become more commercial and less family oriented.  It shouldn’t be about who has the biggest house and gives the biggest gifts or about meeting somewhere and spending lots of money just to sit at a show where you can’t really be close because there is a show going on! What happen to hanging out, talking, playing games, cooking together and just having fun?

Spending money is thrown at us everywhere we go and society has tried to dictate to us that we must follow suit or miss out.  How about we intentianally miss out? Walk away from all the hubbub and do something different this year and start new traditions for the years to come.

Instead of spending excess money on gifts buy something a family can remember and enjoy.  Take a train ride together, take cooking classes together and then cook together for the holiday, take up a family hobby or think of something in  your area that your family would love.  Material things are not what life is about, being happy down to the core is not brought on by material things. Rent a cabin, everyone can chip in, and everyone brings some food and a type of game and just enjoy each other’s company and play some games.  We always seek out odd board games that are simple yet spark laughter and imagination.  Once up on a time, Gipsy King, Pandemic and Trailer Park Wars are just 4 of many.  

Listen to each other’s conversation to understand and not to reply.  When we are listening just to reply we aren’t really listening we are instead just trying to one up each other.  This does not make for a good time. Take some time, step back and be in the present with your heart, mind and soul.  It’s okay to not have a comback or story of your own.

Make it through this holiday season with your soul a little less bruised by stepping back and remembering a simpler time with no competition!

  Bright Blessings,

Ruby DragonLily

Fall time

We’re moving into the fall months here in Nebraska. Although the weather is so beautiful outside we are still wearing shorts and t-shirts the cooler temps will be sneaking upon us soon. With cooler temps comes a shift in what we eat and what we do. People are enjoying their Pumpkin Spice Latte’s and others are getting ready for Halloween. Some of us are doing both!

Halloween has evolved over the hundreds of years into what we now know as a costume wearing candy gathering time of the year. I loved Halloween as a kid, going door to door in a costume that my mom spent time making and gathering homemade treats, popcorn balls and candy.  I loved a homemade costume! Some of my favorites were the black cat and I don’t know how many times I was a witch, which does now seem fitting.  I was a giant pumpkin, ghost, Pippi Longstalking and many others. My brother once was a werewolf and I remember my mom basically gluing clumps of hair all over him! It was the most awesome costume and if memory serves he even won an award for it!  My mom was creative with costumes and we always knew she would do her best to make what she could for us.  She faithfully took us door to door knowing this was just a night for us kids. For that I thank my mom!  Through thick and thin my mom really did her best and now as an adult I appreciate all her efforts.

Halloween has changed for me now though. To me it is a sacred time of year. As I grew up and my faith changed, after much research I will add, Halloween changed to Samhain.  Samhain is a time of year for earth based religions to honor our loved ones that have passed. With the passing of 2 loved ones this year this Halloween 2 more plates will be served. It starts the New Year for the wheel of the year and the veil between the spirit world and our world is at its thinnest.  A dumb supper is a popular ritual which simply means you serve a family favorite meal, set an extra plate of food for the loved one that has passed and eat in silence in order to honor those loved ones.  Now to sit silent is hard for me, I like to talk and I like to make people laugh.  Therefore in my world we usually take out the silent part because after all making a ritual fit your style is more natural.

There are also religions or groups that feel Halloween brings out a more evil venue. These groups usually celebrate as a fall festival, which is okay too.  A fall festival is honoring our bounty and our season and still puts us back to our roots.

I guess what I am trying to say is no matter your beliefs for this fall having tolerance for others is key. We don’t have to have the same beliefs to get along.  Listen, learn and move on. Be kind, be respectable and be better than the negativity that is going on in our world.

Oh and don’t forget to eat your ham and beans this fall and winter! Ham and Beans are a family favorite amongst my family!

Bright Blessings

Ruby DragonLily


Kindness is something that seems to be fleeting in today’s crazy world. With all the recent events across our nation and the rest of the world it makes one want to dig a moat and live off the land as a hermit. And yes that has crossed my mind because on my 11 acres I really could live off it well! We are imploding on ourselves but does anyone even see that we are? From politicians to media to colleagues to neighbors we all see differently and we all have different beliefs but do we all need to be cruel to each other? Do we even realize we are being cruel or is it so easy to be blind to everyone else these days we except the fact we are no longer kind to each other?

I challenge everyone to find kindness in yourself and to overlook the bad. Overlook that your co-worker ate your sandwich, overlook that your neighbor parked on your lawn by a foot again, overlook that your mailman never closes your mailbox and your mail yet again got wet but it only got wet because the meteorologist once again called for sunny skies yet a thunderstorm came through.  You don’t know what that person is going through; they really could be having a worse day, week or year than you.  If they aren’t and they really are just being a jerk well maybe that is because no one has taken the time to be kind to them.  Maybe a simple smile, a simple hey how’s it going or a simple act of bringing 2 sandwiches instead of 1 could change that grumpy jerk to someone better.

Really do take time and smell the roses and don’t sweat the small stuff.  Don’t stoop to someone else’s level because then you have to live with your actions.  Oh also Karma really can be a bitch.  No matter your beliefs, no matter your point of views, no matter what happens, tomorrow starts a new day and a new perspective.


Plus being kind really does make you feel better deep down and that translates to a healthier you!


Bright Blessings,

Ruby DragonLily

Feeling lazy but need to cook

I must say when one gets a case of the lazies it kind of sucks when you realize you still have to cook something. I have been cleaning out the freezers of my homemade premade meals and didn’t make it to the store on Saturday and figured we’d get out and about on Sunday so no problem.  Well Sunday came around and it was too lazy of a day.  We rarely have a day that we just hang out on the couch and watch shows and movies and don’t really get much done.  Sunday was that day.  I did get a rug finished up but only because I could do it while planted on the couch.  My husband did get some miniature painting done but again only because he could do it while on the couch.  Breakfast was easy because I had some banana bread and I had some left over potato soup so lunch was covered.  Then came time for supper! We still had some potato soup but we ate it on Friday and Saturday for both main meals and again on Sunday for lunch.  What is a girl to do!?!?!  Hahaha – come up with the best potato cakes ever from potato soup!

I fished out all the potatoes and placed them on a plate and started smashing them with a fork. Some of the cream sauce was mixed in but I did try to strain it out between my fingers as I fished out the potatoes.  Then I cut up the half of a jalapeño I had left and grated some parmesan and added both to the plate of smashed potatoes.  I added a hand full of flour and mixed it all well so it was sticky.  I heated up my flat cast iron pan, added a smidge of oil and let it get nice and hot.  I then rolled small balls of potatoes and barely flattened them out and cooked them in the oil.  They had a nice golden brown color on each side.  I also had on hand a little spinach and parmesan cheese.  I cut up some spinach and placed it on the plate grated some fresh parm on top of it and then placed about 4 potato cakes on each plate atop of the spinach.

It was a hit! It was very tasty and although it was still potatoes it was different than just eating potato soup again. It didn’t take long, probably 5 minutes to whip together and another 10 minutes to fully cook.  The spinach added a nice fresh touch, the parm changed the flavor up a little and I saved the last bit of potato soup from going bad and didn’t have to freeze it.  There was a little creamy sauce left and for me that made a nice lunch at work on Monday.

Then on Monday I broke free from the lazies and bought everything I needed for homemade chicken salad so this week we are munching on chicken salad sandwiches. By the end of the week I’ll end up mixing that in to something else though I am sure. Well maybe my husband’s comment last night was my chicken salad was better than anything he has had in a restaurant so he might be good eating it all week.

Bright Blessings

Ruby DragonLily

Be in the present

In today’s crazy world we are busy, lazy, distracted and plain worn out. Or at least a lot of us are.  We work 40 plus hours a week typically at a job we don’t like so that alone causes more stress.  We are glued to our social media, Netflix, you tube and whatever other electronic outlets there are.  We find ways to do things the lazy way.  By this I mean we buy frozen or pre made foods, we order our stuff online and I can’t forget to add we play Pokémon without getting out of our cars.   I wonder if we didn’t follow these patterns if we would be healthier in the end?  This writing isn’t just about food so I encourage you to read it to the end.

In my opinion a lot of what we do in our lives should revolve around ensuring we are eating good food. I know we have discussed this before is early writings but this is about more than food.  Make this the year you change habits.  Make this the year you do something different and try new things.  A good place to start is with your food. Eat what is in season so you can eat cheaper on fresher food. Make a challenge to go a month without buying a canned good, frozen food or stopping for fast food.

Try your local farmers markets or look for community spots that bring in fresh produce. The thing to remember is plan your recipes in advance so you only buy what you need when you need it.  On the other hand though be flexible with that recipe so you can adapt to what is available to you.  If your recipe calls for fresh beets but all you are finding are fresh carrots then go with it.  If you need potatoes but you find rutabaga’s cheaper then swap it out.  One good thing about our smart phones is we can look up that recipe or substitute on the go.  Download an app such as all recipes so you can easily search for recipes that match the vegetables you are looking at.  Eating in season means you may not get corn all year round but when you do get corn you won’t pay much for it and it’ll be fresh.

Invest in yourself with food instead of with medication. By eating fresh foods we have cooked ourselves we not only are cutting out all the chemicals we put in our bodies we also get up off the couch, move around and refocus our minds.  I heard something over the weekend that I want to repeat here.  I was at a juice bar getting a nice refreshing glass of honey ginger root juice when someone said do something so you can be in the present.  That got me to thinking about what that really means, be in the present.

At the time we were learning some cool techniques on how to breathe to beat stress, anxiety and to feel better. One of those techniques made us all feel like we were in the present.

Our minds need a break from recounting the past to figuring out the future. How do we do that?  You hear people telling you to meditate, clear your head, blah, blah, blah….  Here is a different way to look at it for us people whose minds just don’t turn off.  Put yourself in the present!  We did this by breathing differently. So maybe you can just learn new breathing techniques.  Let’s take it a step further and apply it to everyday life.

When I am in the kitchen cooking I am in the present. I have to be up and moving and focusing on what I need to do next.  In a typical meal I have to cut up something, add seasonings, add ingredients at specific times, etc.  If my mind is on something else it makes these tasks harder to do.  By being in the present and focusing on what I am doing then I am forgetting about the past and the future.

Could we use this for other things? Of course we can if we are willing to put in the effort.  Effort is something we have to do to accomplish anything, right?  When you make an effort to do a hobby you have the opportunity to put yourself in the present.  Modeling takes concentration on what pieces to glue where and painting it ‘within the lines’.  In sewing, crocheting and knitting type things we have to concentrate on the stitch and counts, etc.  You can be in the present doing hobbies and that will turn your brain off to the past and future and give it the needed rest it deserves and needs.  Learn new breathing techniques to focus on, take a yoga class, go for a walk, run or bicycle ride and instead of thinking about everything focus on what you are doing.

Add in good food and good company and you will have gone back to the basics. I challenge you for the next month to change some habits.  Focus more on a task that will get you out of the normal and incorporate that with not eating out or not buying frozen or premade foods.  At the end of that month see how you feel and be honest about it.  Remember when it comes to food keep it simple.  Don’t try to do those fancy dishes you see on all the cooking shows because that will set you up for failure.  Last night I cooked what we had which was cutting up 6 potatoes really small and putting them in the frying pan, cooking some pork sausage I had on hand (about ½ pound), then I cut up and added a red pepper, jalapeño, tomato, red onion and thru in some mozzarella and pressed garlic.  I had it on hand and needed to use it up, simple, tasty and cheap. Oh and don’t forget it is much more healthy than anything you get frozen or fast.  Not only was it chemical free it put my mind in the present which in turn helped my body as a whole.

So at least once a day be in the preset, give your mind a break and that will trickle down to the rest of your body and soul.


Bright Blessings

Ruby DragonLily


Meat, it’s what’s not for dinner!

In today’s world most people are still struggling to pay bills and put food on the table. It doesn’t really matter what your job is or how much you make there is a strong possibility you have to balance your finances each week to ensure you are ‘bringing home the bacon’.  Do you need to literally bring home the bacon?  Meat has become an expensive meal with less quality.  How do we have tasty meals without it?

The key thing to remember is you have to bring an open mind to the table. Don’t judge the food solely by the fact that you see no meat.  Now, let me clarify before I lose you.  I am not taking you in the direction of anything tofu related since I do not eat tofu.  I’m going in the direction of rice, potatoes, noodles and veggies. Although you’ll hear the cooking shows all say ‘we taste first with our eyes’ or something witty like that, it doesn’t mean a meal without meat has to look bad or taste bad.

Protein is a key player here are well. Typically we were raised to get our protein from meat but you can get it from other sources as well.  You can get protein from eggs, dairy, nuts and beans.  Things such as mushrooms will give you some protein so you have to remember eating well rounded gets you everything you need.

Back to our meat dilemma and what kinds of meals you can get from meatless meals. This week we wanted something cooling so I went with my raw corn salad.  Start with raw corn on the cob and with a knife remove the kernels into a bowl.  Chop up a small red onion, yellow pepper and tomato and mix it all together with the corn kernels.  Chop up an avocado and mash it in while mixing it with the rest.  This is a basic raw corn salad that can hit the spot on a hot day and be a good accompanist to other foods.  For supper though you probably want a little more.  Pick up some long grain wild rice.  I pick this one because although yes it is just rice it is colorful and more visually appealing. By all means you can use any rice. I soak my rice in a bowl of water for about an hour, the water is just over the top of the rice.  I cut up an onion and place it in my cast iron skillet and stir them around and let me them get clear and then I added my soaking mixture of rice.  I added a few shakes of thyme, turmeric and cayenne pepper to it but you can use which ever herbs and seasonings your family likes.  On high heat I let the water boil down while occasionally stirring so it doesn’t stick. This doesn’t take too long and when it is done boiling out you should have soft tasty rice.  To make my meal I placed some rice in the bottom of a bowl and then scooped a spoonful or two of the raw corn salad on top.  If you still need more for your meal at this time make some toast.  Me, I don’t have a toaster so bread in the oven is my go to.  Add some butter to the bread and place it in the oven and then get creative with it.  You can press some garlic and spread it on the top and melt it in with the butter or once you remove it if you want something a little sweeter just spread a little honey on top.  If you are feeling really creative make yourself some flavored oils and spread on top.  You can keep the flavored oils on hand so you have them when you need them.  Now you have a meal that is tasty, filling, simple, healthy and best of all pocket book friendly.  You can alter this how you like; got mushrooms cut them up and add them, have other peppers use them.

If you have an eater that wants a huge hunk of meat on their plate this is your opportunity to change their habits.  For now make the meat of your choice and cut it up and add it to the dish.  The trick is to add half the amount you would normally give one person.  They will still get their meat but it will be half the amount you would normally do.  The next times you make the dish slowly add less meat. Be flexible too because you may not ever get to being meatless but you may at least cut that food bill down.  I have been lucky that my husband could take meat or leave it.  That hasn’t always been the case though so be patient and have fun with it!  Happy Cooking!

Bright Blessings,

Ruby DragonLily

Easy summer meal

When it is hot outside you don’t really want to spend time cooking and you usually want something that taste fresh and light. Here is a summer recipe that can be changed to suite your taste and is easy to throw together.

In order to save time I bought flatbread from a bakery instead of making my own. A bag of 12 fresh baked flatbreads was only $5.  I was in the mood for fish so I went to the local market and bought the fish they had on sale, which happened to be cod.  I picked up mozzarella cilantro, a lime, spinach, corn on the cob, yellow bell pepper, tomato and mushrooms.

I put the fish on the flat cast iron skillet and let it start cooking. Once one side was getting done I flipped it and let it cook a few more minutes, then I took my spatula and started chopping it up into bite size pieces.  By letting it cook a bit first it made it easier and I didn’t have to dirty a knife and cutting board for it.  I then added some turmeric, paprika and cut up mushrooms.

On the flat bread I cut up thin slices of mozzarella and placed it in my oven just long enough to melt it. While it was melting I chopped up the pepper, tomato, cilantro and cut the corn off of the cob.

Once the mozzarella finished melting I put them on a plate and topped them with a nice helping of everything and then cut the lime in half and squeezed some on to each flatbread.

This was healthy, easy and refreshing on such a hot summer day.  If you don’t want fish substitute anything else.  Tonight I am going to make this the same way but in order to use up deli meat I am going to chop it up and put it on top and leave off the fish.  Be creative to what you and your family likes.


Bright Blessings

Ruby DragonLily

Summer drinks

Summer is upon us so let’s talk about drinks. There are many choices out there these days. How do we make the best choice?  Do we need the extra sodium, sugar and ingredients we can’t even pronounce? How much water do we really need?  For some of us these are questions going thru our minds but we end up ignoring them and keeping with the habits we already have.  Habits are easy to maintain but hard to change! With so much information available these days on the internet how do we know what to believe?  You use your best judgment based on what information you have dredged up and then you should add a little instinct in there.  In today’s information world we tend to forget we have instincts that can help guide us into making the right decision.

For my family we choose to go a more natural route to stay hydrated. Coconut water is hydrating, naturally sweet and has more potassium than a banana.  Potassium will help keep cramps and Charlie horses away. A banana a day will help control those leg cramps but for those of you that don’t care for bananas coconut water will do the same. You can get coconut water in many pre-bottled flavors or if you are adventurous or have them readily available crack in to one and drink the water straight out of the coconut. For those of us that live in the north and can’t grow coconuts it is easier to just buy pre-bottled coconut water.  For those of you now searching coconut or for when you go to the store and start staring at all the coconut stuff you need to remember you are looking for coconut water not coconut milk.  Coconut water is just that, the water that is inside a coconut, coconut milk is extracted from the coconut ‘meat’ or the white that is inside the coconut.

There are many brands of coconut water, some are heat expelled and some are cold processed. If you can find cold processed it is better because heat kills off some of the nutrition you get from the water. Either way you are still picking a better product than other drinks with added electrolytes that have ingredients we can’t even pronounce or added sugar and sodium.  My husband really enjoys the coconut waters with pineapple, mangos and peach flavors and I really enjoy the ones that have added tea and wild orange or mango black tea.  These ingredients are natural and are not additives. Look for the waters that have simple ingredients such as coconut water and pineapple or coconut water and mango and black tea.  Keeping with the ones with these simple ingredients will ensure you aren’t getting coconut water that is just as tainted with chemicals as other drinks.  The goal here is natural, non-gmo, organic and no additives.

As for price, yes you are going to pay more per bottle for coconut water than the other drinks. The benefits, in my opinion, out way the cost difference, pay it in eating and drinking better or pay it in doctor bills.  You not only get the electrolytes your body needs to hydrate with, you also get calcium, magnesium, phosphorous and potassium which are all good for the body. There are studies that say drinking coconut water daily can lower blood pressure and improve cholesterol.  Now as I said we are in the information world so for every study for something you can find a study against it too, so this is where our instincts need to kick in.  My instincts say to me if I stay with more natural ingredients it has to be healthier than chemicals found in the other types of drinks.  There is also something comforting about being able to pronounce the ingredients and actually know what those ingredients are without doing a google search.

My dogs have enjoyed receiving a coconut water drink on these 100 degree days because we can’t forget our pets can over heat too. They get excited when they see me holding the carton of plain coconut water; it has become a treat for them.  I give them each a bowl during the hottest part of the day and they lap it right up.

I have also found that I can brew ice coffee and make lemonade with coconut water and it is delicious!

Here is a wonderful Lavender Lemonade recipe:

Make lavender syrup by heating on the stove top 3 parts honey to 1 part water and adding about 4 tablespoons of lavender. Stir this well on a low heat and let it steep all together for about 20 minutes. Now place a cheese cloth over a bowl for use a fine mesh sieve to strain. You want to strain out the lavender.  Put it aside or in the fridge and let it cool.  Play with this recipe to make it the consistency and flavor you like.  You can store this in your fridge so you have it to add to teas, lemonades, etc.

Now squeeze about 9 lemons into a pitcher, add a cup of honey (give or take depending on your sweetness level), about 8 cups of coconut water and 2 to 4 cups of regular water to make it the lemonade consistency you want and then add about half the recipe of lavender syrup. You can add and remove ingredients as you need to in order to make this recipe work for you. Keep it in the fridge and pour it into a reusable bottle for a grab and go homemade hydrating drink.  I use honey but you can use sugar in this recipe as well.

Enjoy the summer, stay safe and enjoy the things nature has given us!

Bright Blessings,

Ruby DragonLily

“To keep a lamp burning, we have to keep putting oil in it” Mother Teresa

Rainy day meal, quick and easy

Many regions are experiencing rainy and stormy weather. Although the temperature is still around 70 degrees a nice hearty meal will take the chill out.  When most people think of hearty they think of a long drawn out, all day cooking in the crock pot, type of meal.  It doesn’t have to be that.  With brats I already had in the freezer, a few potatoes, 2 stalks of corn, a red pepper, spinach and a couple mushrooms that needed used up I made a meal that made my husband forget it was a stormy rainy night.

I cook mostly in cast iron so keep in mind if you don’t have cast iron you may need to adjust accordingly. With cast iron I use less oil and can go more from oven to stop top, etc.  You may have to do all of the cooking on the stop top, which is fine, or do all of it in a casserole dish in the oven which is fine too.

I cut up the thawed brats into small bite size pieces and placed them in my large deep cast iron skillet and put it in the oven on about 350 degrees just to get it hot and to get the brats to cooking a little. While they were in the oven I cut up about 6 medium sized potatoes into small chunks and then added them to the skillet in the oven. Then I cut up the pepper, some spinach, the mushrooms and I used my knife to cut the corn off of the cob and I set that aside.  At this point I wanted the meal to get done quicker so I put the skillet on the stop top and cranked up the heat.  Make sure you either you stir often so your potatoes get evenly cooked.  Once most of the potatoes were done I then added all the rest of the ingredients.  I did them all at the end because I didn’t want those ingredients to be over cooked and I like them a little raw in this type of dish.  I mixed it all together and then mixed in about a tablespoon of powdered thyme.  I only let it cook about another 5 minutes and served it.

The brats were jalapeño and cheddar brats which gave it a nice kick of flavor but you can use any. The mix of cooked potatoes and fresh veggies was a great contrast that just warmed the soul.

In our busy days don’t forget making a nice home cooked meal doesn’t have to be hard. See what you have and be creative at putting it all together.  You just might come up with something spectacular you would never find a recipe for.

Stay safe everyone this holiday weekend. Enjoy some hotdogs, hamburgers and good ole Memorial Day fun!

Thank you to all the Veterans that have served our Country and kept us safe!! We appreciate your service!


Bright Blessings

Ruby DragonLily

What’s for dinner?

This is a question that is asked in every home. It’s been a long day and the weekend is here but you don’t feel like spending a lot of time in the kitchen tonight. You need a quick go to.

See what you have left from the week and try to pair it together. That might mean those veggies and meat are now a top of some rice or noodles.  Maybe you have left over lunch meat from sandwiches but you are tired of cold cut sandwiches. With that I say add very little meat or cheese to the bread and place it in hot pan for a hot sandwich and then pair that with some soup or cut the sandwiches up and make it snack night with crackers, or veggies. There are so many ways to throw together a meal from leftovers, the trick is to set it all out and start pairing.

Tonight for us I will do just that. I know we have left over deli sliced chicken, an open package of cream cheese, jalapenos’ and spinach.  We do have crackers in the cabinet and probably a roll or two left.  I have a couple different ways I can make something out of this.  2 rolls aren’t enough for mini sandwiches unless I want to pile them really high.  Why not toast the rolls and add some butter to them and press some garlic and spread it on there.  There are two of us so we’ll each get a roll or if there is only one roll each will get half a roll.  From there I will split open the jalapenos’ and line the sides with the deli meat and fill it up with cream cheese and put that all in the oven to bake until the jalapenos are cooked.  Once done I will put some spinach on the plate and drizzle it very lightly with an oil or dressing, place the jalapenos on top of that and put the roll on the side.  That is just one idea. You could always cut up the jalapenos and place the spinach, jalapenos in a lightly oiled pan on the stove, then cut up the deli meat and add it, let that all cook and get hot.  Now add the cream cheese to it and mix it well but don’t let the cream cheese get fully melted you want it mixed in well but not bubbly hot.  At this time I would toast the rolls and then add the mixture to the roll.  It would be similar to a salad sandwich but instead is a cream cheese sandwich.

Now assuming you have other groceries in the house you can step it up a notch. Take option 2 above but before you add the cream cheese add a few eggs and then you can melt the cream cheese on top of it all.  You could eat this has a meal with a roll on the side or put it on the roll for a sandwich.  Eggs are filling so this is a good trick if you don’t have a lot of ingredients but want the dish to fill up your hungry bunch.

Eggs….You can do so much with eggs; we’ll have to talk about eggs soon in its own post.

This is a short post to jump start your end of day Friday. My advice for tonight’s meal, forget the cook book lay out on the counter what you have and make it up as you go.  Those can sometimes be the best meals!

Have a wonderful weekend and happy cooking!

Bright Blessings

Ruby DragonLily